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UK Will Soon Have a Huge Push on Public Electric Car Charging Points

The ‘Road to Zero’ initiative aims to make owning an electric vehicle more accessible for the general public in the UK.

UK Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is making electric vehicles one of his top priorities, by proposing that most new homes, street lights and offices should require to be fitted with electric car charging points.

Under the name ‘Road to Zero’, the initiative aims to make owning an electric vehicle more accessible for the general public in the UK, with the ambition to see at least half of new cars sold by 2030 be zero emissions.

The measures included in the initiative are:

• Chargepoints to be installed in newly built homes, where appropriate, and new lampposts to include charging points.
• The launch of a £400 million Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund. Aiming to help accelerate the roll-out of charging infrastructure.
• A new £40 million programme to develop and trial innovative, low cost wireless and on-street charging technology
• Providing up to £500 for electric vehicle owners to put in a charge point in their home.
• An increase in the value of grants available to workplaces to install chargepoints so people can charge when they are at work.
• The extension of the Plug-In Car and Van Grants to at least October 2018 at current rates.

In a statement, Chris Grayling said, “The Road to Zero Strategy sets out a clear path for Britain to be a world leader in the zero-emission revolution - ensuring that the UK has cleaner air, a better environment and a stronger economy.”

This comes as the government is under increasing pressure to take climate change more seriously, as well as reaching the target of banning all petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

As we reported last week, char.gy have already started rolling out charging points in public lampposts across the UK.

Speaking of the government’s plans to push charging points on all public street lights, char.gy issued a statement saying, “Today’s announcement by the Government, that every new lamppost on UK streets should feature an electric vehicle charging point, is a major step forward for the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.”

“There are 10 million lampposts throughout the UK and we would like each one on residential streets to have a EV chargepoint unit installed so that the charging infrastructure is a non-issue.”