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Solar Powered Electric Cars Set to Launch in 2019

A German startup is determined to make the most of the heat-wave we’re currently enduring, by launching cars that can charge whilst you drive.  

The crowd-funded company Sono Sion has entered the final phase of development for its solar powered cars, and is aiming to hit the market as early as 2019.

The car, named the Sion, has 330 solar cells integrated into its body and roof, and boasts an impressive range of 155 miles on a full charge. The solar panels will reportedly give the cars 30km of range each day.

The car’s electric motor produces 107 horsepower and 144 foot-pounds of torque, and it’s claimed by the manufacturer that it can reach 0-62mph in 9 seconds, with a top speed of 86mph.


The interior of the car continues the eco theme, with a moss integrated air filter system, which filters up to twenty percent of dust particles.

There will be a choice of two different models, the Urban and the Extender, and prices will start at £14.320. 6000 people have already reserved a model.

The inception of the Sion aims to help Germany’s efforts in putting 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020, which is similar to the UK’s Road to Zero campaign.

If the heatwave does decide to end at any point, the car can also be charged from conventional plugs and roadside chargers.