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Electric Car Lamp Post Charging Points Are Heading to the UK  

Electric car charge points attached to public lamp posts are starting to be rolled out across the UK, giving EV drivers a new way to charge their vehicle.

Launched by char.gy, the chargers tap into the UK’s street lighting network, offering users a way to charge without a membership or subscription. Charging is activated via a smartphone browser, which processes tariffs, payments and charge point access.

Richard Stobart, CEO of char.gy, said: “We want to make it possible for anyone to own an EV – particularly those without off-street parking. We want range anxiety and looking for working charge points to be a thing of the past.”



char.gy is the first provider to offer open-access charging in accordance with UK Government legislation passed in November 2017, making it a legal requirement for charge point providers to support ad hoc public charging.

The charge points offer an easy-to-install option for local authorities that is far more cost effective than digging up streets to install new infrastructure.

The first wave of chargepoints have been rolled out in Marlow, with the plan to extend its to a number of London boroughs, followed by other urban areas across the UK.