YouTues: White Zombie tears up the drag strip

1972 Datsun is fastest street legal EV in the world. No, really.

By Gavin Conway on October 11, 2011 5:24 PM

It’s almost cute, this little white ’72 Datsun. But instead of the wheezy little 69hp engine you’d expect to find under the bonnet, there’s a lithium ion array that develops 300hp.

And when its owner John Wayland – nickname ‘Plasma Boy’ – uncorks the full beans, you better be driving a Corvette if you want to stay with him. Strike that, the White Zombie eats Corvettes for breakfast. And BMW M3s, and big-block American muscle cars. This thing – affectionately known as the White Zombie – is simply incredible.

It is also, according to the American National Electric Drag Racing Association, the fastest street legal electric car in the world. With its lithium ion power, White Zombie covered the ¼ mile in just 10.258 seconds at a terminal velocity of 123.79mph. That is oh-my-god fast but for those who aren’t drag-strip literate, here’s another figure. This little Datsun goes from 0-60mph in 1.8seconds. Or in other words, as long as it takes to say ‘one point eight’.

This is a highly watchable, brilliantly produced ten-minute vid, but for those of you without the time to spend, we’ve highlighted some of the best bits. At 1:46, the Zombie absolutely destroys a Corvette off the line, then at 2:00 you can watch as John Wayland picks up proof of his (first of many) record.

At five minutes in, there’s a gorgeous night scene where our hero duly reduces a 1960s American muscle machine to tears. There’s also a really cool bit at 8:04, where we watch an electric motorcycle called ‘Kilocycle’ do a smoky run that looks and sounds absolutely stunning, followed by more White Zombie hijinks. Classic.