PG Elektrus: 186mph Tesla-alike electric sports car

German sportster is based on Lotus Elise, too

By Gavin Conway on January 25, 2012 10:15 AM

A company known for designing high-end carbon-fibre electric bikes has decided that the world needs another Lotus Elise-based supercar, a la Tesla Roadster. PG Bikes, makers of the extremely cool 62mph Blacktail electric bicycle, has announced the PG Elektrus e-Roadster.

With a carbon fibre body, and an all-in weight said to be not much more than 900kgs, the Elektrus claims to be able to hit 62mph in less than three seconds whilst on its way to a top whack of 186mph.

According to the brochure on the PG website, the electric motor outputs 200kW (270hp) and 350Nm of torque. Range is said to be up to 217 miles, with a full charge taking about eight hours via a regular household power supply.

The Elektrus has a slightly ‘Mad Max’ look to it, with a semi-matte finish and a slatted, snarling nose that seems to say ‘you talkin’ to me?’ It’s a hardman car, no question.

Interestingly, the Elektrus offers a straightforward automatic transmission or, for those wanting more of a track-day style experience, a more conventional stick shift that replicates the feel of a manual. The car even has a sound system that replicates the throaty roar of a V8 petrol engine or the shrill yowl of a Formula One powerplant.

But with a pricetag rumoured to be in the range of $370,000USD, this won’t be a car you’ll see everyday. Or, possibly, ever.