Around the world in a Citroen C-Zero electric car

Pure-electric Citroen set to be first EV to drive around the globe

By John Silcox on January 20, 2012 2:14 PM

Two young French engineers will this year attempt to achieve the first ever around-the-world trip by production electric vehicle, at the wheel of a Citroen C-Zero.

The duo, composed of 27-year-old Xavier Degon and 28-year-old Antonin Guy, will leave Strasbourg, France, on 11 Febuary 2012 and cross 17 countries during their eight-month adventure. The project, baptised the ‘electric odyssey’ is not only an attempt to set a new world record, but is also a drive to promote electric-powered mobility.

Degon explains his philosophy: “If an electric car can drive around the world then everyone can use one to go and get their shopping.”

The lads are expecting to fill up their car’s batteries on average every 60 miles and have calculated that over the course of the 16,000-mile trip, they will need approximately 300 recharges. That’ll mean a lot of hanging around for the pair while the car recharges, but the Electric Odyssey seems to be more of an exercise in community charging than trying to prove the little C-Zero is a serious long-distance vehicle.

So-called ‘pluggers’– local inhabitants with access to an electricity source – will be able to give up their plug sockets for the Citroen to charge up along the way. For those that happen to live on the route (the UK is not, unfortunately) and are interested in helping out, the intrepid adventurers have set up a network on their website, inviting people to participate in the project.

And another killer fact… based on an average cost of electricity in the different regions Degon and Guy travel through, total energy costs for the entire trip should barely exceed £200.